Istanbul Travelogue: Day 6

April 30, 2007 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Man, we did a lot today. See our photos. This morning we headed over to the Topkapi Palace…and so did every other tourist in Istanbul. The crowds were annoying, but the Harem tour was pretty cool. The tulips were in full bloom in the garden, so we had a nice stroll through the park. Only marginally less crowded, the Grand Bazaar proved to be a fun diversion. James demonstrated his haggling prowess–he got me a pretty chenille head scarf for just over $10. And I got to try apple tea. Yum.

We took another lovely stroll through the University of Istanbul campus to see the Suleymaniye Mosque. It riveled the Blue Mosque in grandeur and beauty. I got to test out my new head scarf, too. Most of the mosques require women wear them before entering. You’re also required to take off your shoes. We’ve discovered all mosques smell like feet.

Next we hit the Spice Bazaar, a cornucopia of smells, colors and flavors. Right next door, the New Mosque was a pretty sight, though after awhile, all these mosques start to look the same. I do love the open architecture and soaring rooftops.

James and I are falling into our standard favorite meal routine. He’s been eating this lamb and tomato sauce concoction, and I’ve been ordering sliced lamb with this yummy eggplant yogurt sauce. For dessert I had the baklava as usual, and James ordered what he thought was milk pudding. But it turned out to be the infamous tavuk gogsu kazandibi, or milk pudding with shredded chicken breast. Surprisingly tasty, though it left us thinking, “What crazy Turk thought, “You know what this milk pudding needs? Meat.”


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