Istanbul Travelogue: Day 8

May 2, 2007 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It was rainy and cold today, so James and I spent the day indoors. We tried out the hotel’s turkish bath, which was nice, but not all that exciting. We wore our swimsuits…the whole public bathing thing didn’t really appeal to us. We started out in a round, marble room with heated floors. There were several basins with faucets and fancy soap to scrub up with. Then we headed to the steam room to sit and sweat. Then back to the marble room to rinse off and sit awhile. Then to another room to lounge around. We were the only ones there, and we had about an hour before it went from “mixed” to “women only.” Interesting experience, though I think we’d still rather bathe at home, lol. They also offered massages, but at $90 a pop, we decided to pass.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to more sun and warm temperatures, and a day trip to the City Walls and an old Byzantine castle. It’s our last day tomorrow, and I feel like we’ve seen most of what we wanted to see. The mosques have been beautiful. We’ve witnessed several calls to prayer–speakers at all of the mosques that announce in a haunting and beautiful chant the time for Muslim prayer. I imagine you can hear them wherever you are in the city. We see many women in head scarves here. When the wind picks up, I kind of wish I was wearing one, too.

I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to travel here, but I think we’re both ready to head home and start our trek to KC. I for one am looking forward to eating something other than lamb. Though, i could probably eat baklava everyday for the rest of my life, heh.


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