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May 11, 2007 at 5:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Moving sucks, indeed. James and I have decided next time we’re sucking it up and paying for movers. Monday was definitely the worst–poor James had to make two trips to town just to get all his vouchers and work stuff in order while I madly packed the rest of our stuff and waited for Comcast to come pick up the cable box and modem. They never showed up (of course), which made me late to pick up the Uhaul. I had to take a $30 cab out to fucking Gaithersburg to pick up a truck that was larger than we ordered. And then to top it all off, they didn’t have any dollies that we’d reserved, so after much bitching and f-bombing, they consented to renting me one from some “secret stash”, and I had to buy one. Then I had to drive this behemoth 30 minutes back to my house, where the movers had thankfully been stacking stuff down by the elevator. So at least we didn’t have wasted time–we were paying them by the hour. James and I were still jet-lagged and exhausted, so we let the moving guys handle all the heavy lifting. Then we were ready to hit the road…right at rush hour.

The trip got marginally better from there. We stopped off at a Holiday Inn somewhere in the Appalachians of Western Maryland where we got the truck stuck in a tricky spot, requiring much arguing and maneuvering. Once in our room, we realized there was a train about 30 yards from our window. Clickity clackity Hoot-hooottt…every hour, on the hour. And then it was my turn to drive.

We made it to Cincinnati and managed to navigate the hills without incident. It was nice to see my grandma again. Last time I’d seen her was on the trip out to NY. We’ll be back again in July to visit and pick up her car, which she’s agreed to bequeath us. Then we were off to Springfield, IL to see James’s dad, brother, sis-in-law, and adorable nephews. I took tons of pictures–Brady is 5 and Devin is 2. They held still for about 3 minutes before they started running around and hiding from me. Got to test out the action features on the new camera. That auto focus got me every time…I must practice my manual focusing.

My dad-in-law, who’s now in blissful retirement, followed us to Olathe to help us unload. He was a great help. Plus, he’d just bought a Honda Fit, so I got to see it in action. I want one. Now.

We managed to unload the truck last night in a couple hours, then had dinner w/ my parents and picked up the cars they’re loaning to us. The rental house was in better shape than I’d anticipated, so I’m happy for that. We’ve got boxes everywhere, ugh. I went to work today while James stayed home to unpack and let the cable guy in. I’m hoping he made some headway.

Now I’m off to go appliance shopping. We still need a fridge, washer dryer, lawnmower and microwave. I’m hoping they have all those things at Lowe’s, and they’re on sale. And they deliver. Next day. Here’s hoping.



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  1. Shucks

    I could have saved you from so much pain I’m so sorry darling! There is a Budget location just a bus ride away, I have been through the run around with so many cable companies that I now just drop off the box on my way out of town to close the account. Oh well…next time I suppose, but there won’t be a next time! Next time you will be moving into a house and you will have all your glorious KC friends and family to help! Have fun unpacking…we still have boxes stacked in the basement!

  2. Welcome back to KC.

    Seeing as I’m hugely pregnant, I can’t offer much help in the way of unpacking (plus, well, I’d have to bring chaos with me in the form of 3 small children). But I will offer anyway… if you guys need anything, let me know. 🙂

    my e-mail is

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