TV, Yoga and…Beer?

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I’m finally feeling better. Who knew a cold could knock me so flat? I guess it’s been awhile. Thankfully, my nose is working properly again, for the most part.

Season finales are here, and I’m glued to the tube. Desperate Housewives seems desperate for ratings, ending the season with another suicide. Bree and clan have gone over the deep ending hiding her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. The only storyline keeping me hooked is Lynette’s, and I’m not sure that’ll be enough to keep my attention for next year. Heroes, on the other hand, totally delivered with a first season finale that ended with…well, a bang. Now we know what “Save the cheerleader, save the world” means. HRG (Claire’s dad) and Nathan prove their worth, Sylar gets what’s coming to him, and Hiro saves the day. I love Hiro. I’m interested to see where the second season goes–they left Hiro in 17th century Japan. Another fab epi of The Riches tonight. I find particularly poignant the theme that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. And the price you pay for that lifestyle could be more than it’s worth. This is definitely my favorite new show. Last week’s Grey’s Anatomy finale left me emotionally drained…Izzie and George, Burke and Christina, McDreamy and Grey–why is love so complicated on this show? No one seems to have it together, and in the end, they may all end up alone. Nice way to start the summer…

Today at work a transformer blew, so we got an unexpected half-day. I spent my afternoon unpacking more of the kitchen and replenishing our food supplies. My friend from work Charissa and I went to a yoga class tonight at Darling Yoga in OP, and, oh…my…god…this is gonna hurt in the morning. I’m used to Hatha or Anusara yoga, and I’d never tried Ashtanga. Much faster-paced and demanding, this had to be the most challenging yoga class I’ve ever attended. My arms ache, my legs ache…and yet, I think I’ll give Ashtanga another try. I’m also going to try some of their other classes–I’ve got an unlimited 2-week pass, which they offer to new students. There were only two other people in my class tonight, and the one-on-one attention was really nice.

James seems a bit frustrated with his job. He went back today after having most of last week off, and they still didn’t have his computer set up. We’re hoping he doesn’t have a whole week like this. He stopped off at the store for soda and…beer. James hasn’t bought beer since, um, I can’t even remember. He’s never been much of a drinker. I can’t really drink it anymore, so he’s got a whole 12-pack to himself. Knowing him, that’ll last him until the end of the summer.

Books for this week:
Sorry, it’s been slow going lately. I mostly read magazines through the move. But this weekend I picked up Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, a kid’s adventure book co-written by my favorite humor writer. Jill, of course, highly recommended it, and so far it’s been a compelling read.


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