Trouble in Paradise, and weekend plans

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James and I have been plagued lately by expensive electronics that refuse to work properly. James’s laptop – a new dell with Windows Vista installed – hasn’t worked in over a month, and he’s tried two times to have a technician come out and install a new motherboard. Both times the guy never showed up. And our brand new dryer doesn’t seem to work very well, either. We’ve checked the vents, the plug, and all the settings, but it still requires two and sometimes three hours to dry a load of clothes. We’re calling Frigidaire first thing Monday to see if they’ll send someone out to look at it.

The bulk of our moving/vacation bills came in this week, and (fingers crossed) it’s looking like we won’t have to make a second dip into our house savings. The only major bill left is our hotel in Istanbul, which is on James’s interest-free government credit card. We still haven’t received our reimbursement, so that one’s gonna sit tight.

I have a massive to-do list: change banks, mail back our cable box, unpack the office…and lots more. Ha ha, my friend Maggie e-mailed to ask if I was planning to live incognito in KC–I haven’t even sent around an e-mail telling everyone my new contact info. Adding to the list…

Had a nice sushi lunch with Toast and the work crew today. I can always count on them to have scoped out the best sushi in our neck of the woods. I took the rest of the afternoon off–our office’s attempt to make our jobs slightly more bearable by giving us every other friday afternoon off during the summer. Stopped by the bike shop to pick up a fat-ass bike seat so my rear-end doesn’t ache so bad on my 20-mile commutes. The multi-pierced bike shop guy was trying to sell me on the skinny, athletic seat, saying that the fat-ass seat would make me feel like I’d been “sitting in a chair all day instead of really riding a bike.” So I was like, “Yeah, exactly. Ring that up for me, will ya?” I wish La-Z-boy made bike seats.

This weekend is booked solid. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Jill’s house for a pre-wedding outing to the Vaile Mansion Strawberry Festival. Then we’ll be getting the house (and bride!) in order for the big day. It’ll be a small ceremony–just a handful of guests–held on their candle-lit front porch. We’ve been instructed not to dress too nicely, lest we appear better dressed than the groom, lol.

Sunday I’m off to the movies for the highly-anticipated Knocked Up. It’s been getting rave reviews, and I haven’t been to the movies in forever.


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