Another weekend goes by too quickly

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Sunday night already. Where did the time go? Jill’s wedding on Saturday was lovely. We started out at the Vaile Mansion Strawberry festival–the craft-tables weren’t all that appealing to me, but the kettle corn and strawberry desserts were 🙂 We also stopped by the little B&B that will be hosting Jill’s baby shower in July. Very cute! The perfect place for a traditional victorian tea. We spent most of the afternoon cooking dinner and dressing up the bride and groom. Their friend Justin popped over on his break at Half Price Books to officiate. The ceremony was short and sweet. It was nice to meet some of Jill’s friends and to see grandpa Marvin again. I have a feeling I’ll be over there a lot this summer–Doug was tempting me with their new 40″ LCD TV and the 2nd season of Life on Mars. I managed to snag the complete series of Freaks & Geeks from him that night, and James and I are already hooked. It’s sort of a Wonder Years of the ’80s. Many of the same actors were also in Knocked Up, which I saw this morning. Gotta love those $5 pre-noon matinees (KC rocks!). The movie was cute, though it sort of dragged a bit in the middle, which was the same problem I had w/ 40-Year-Old Virgin. But I loved the characters and storyline, and I think overall it’s worth seeing. Afterward, we tried the dim sum at Bo Lings across the street from my office. It was pretty good, though they had run out of a lot of items on the menu. Next time we’ll have go earlier.

Tonight I had just enough energy to clean the house and hang up the drapes. Two things I can cross off the list. I have a feeling these last three boxes in the office are going to stay packed for the next couple of weeks, heh. Looks like the weather will cooperate tomorrow for another bike-ride to work. Gotta test out my new fat-ass bike seat and headlight.


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