Eerie Errand

June 9, 2007 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Today I had to exchange something at the Target over by Oak Park Mall, and it was eerily not busy for a Saturday afternoon. I found myself looking over my shoulder as I parked and came back to my car. Even though they caught the guy who abducted and murdered 18-year-old Kelsey Smith, I’m still a little creeped out. My mom was calling me almost everyday last week after the teen went missing, telling me to be careful. She’s been so worried about me riding my bike to work, but I assured her I’m very careful, and the trail is always pretty busy when I ride it. We all feel better now that the guy is caught, but it still makes me ponder how safe I really am if I were targeted–on the trail, in a parking lot, wherever. I like to think i regard strangers wearily, but my good-natured, midwestern tendency to trust people usually prevails. I’d like to think I’d scream bloody murder if someone tried to force me into their car, but if the moment arose and a weapon brandished, I’d likely keep my trap shut. I’m thankful I’m back in KC with ample friends and family. When I was in DC and James was away, these thoughts would sometimes enter my mind–that if I went missing, no one would notice for awhile.

Oookay, in brighter news, I unpacked the office today, and now it’s a room I’d actually like to spend some time in. Jill gave me an old chair and ottoman, which sits nicely in the corner with my new table and lamp. Nice little book-reading spot. Tonight I’m actually going to cook, yay! Something I haven’t done in awhile. And tomorrow if James isn’t too sleepy, he’s going to accompany me to yoga class. A big first. Later I’m meeting mom to go see Waitress, which I’d only kinda wanted to see until I found out my dreamboat Nathan Fillion is in it. I’ll be sure to do a full review tomorrow night.


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