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So James and I have this unfortunate habit of barreling into situations without heeding the advice of our friends. When we moved to NYC, our friends told us we’d need a full week to go apartment hunting, but we did it all in a very stressful weekend. When we moved to DC, our friends suggested we’d need a car to get around, but we stubbornly went without one and opted to live like shut-ins. In most situations we approach as a couple, we manage to Forrest Gump our way through. It all works out in the end, but we often reinvent the wheel while doing it. Why should home-buying be any different?

We thought we had a plan–borrow my parent’s cars for awhile, start house hunting this summer, blah blah blah. But ze Fit, she was calling to me. So plan B: buy the car now, save up some money, go house hunting in the fall. But then James found this house, and I went to their Open House. It wasn’t really the greatest house, but it got the little gears turning, and next thing we know, we’re signed up on Lending Tree. So today I had lenders calling me left and right wanting to pre-approve us. Ack! I mentioned this to one of my co-workers, to which he replied, “Oh, yeah, you don’t want to do that. They’ll be calling you for months.” Great. So Plan, er, C: buy the car, meet with this lender guy to find out about loans, skip the pre-approval for now, and start house-hunting in earnest when James gets back from his 3-week stint in Georgia in August. Whew. Sounds like a solid plan. Wonder how long before we change it again?

In other news, I’ve started rereading Book 6 of Harry Potter to prepare for the big day in July. Must refamiliarize myself on all the Hogwarts shenanigans before I immerse myself in the weekend binge of Book 7.

So, this is annoying, I unplugged my laptop to take it to my parent’s house, and when i hooked it back in tonight, I had to reinstall the printer. Am I going to have to do that every time? What gives? Aren’t laptops supposed to be portable? Why can’t it remember the stupid printer driver? Maybe it’s my because I have an old, sucky-ass Leximark printer.

Poor James. He has all these bruises on the right side of his chest from fencing class. Keeps getting hit in the same place. They look terrible. He went back tonight for more abuse.

Enough randomness. Must get back to addressing baby shower invitations. I think this pregnancy thing is catching.



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  1. It sounds like you and James approach things like a couple in a really similar way to Shane and I. 🙂 When we moved back to Kansas City last year I said I just wanted to rent until our house in Alabama sold. 1 1/2 years later, we’ve lived in the house we bought for 8 months now and the house in Alabama still isn’t sold. It’s madness and kills our budget, but this is what we do to ourselves. It’ll work out somehow.

    Pregnancy is catching, huh? You thinking you might wanna try soon??? 🙂 When is Jill due again?

    • hee hee, yes, things do somehow seem to work out. Funny, eh? Jill is due in September, and getting bigger everyday. As for me…heh, we’ll see.

  2. We looked for a quite a while until we were ‘ready’…remember house hunting is a lot like dating…you think you found ‘the one’ and then you may lose that ‘one’ but there is another ‘one’ just around the corner that is a lot better than the ‘one’ you had prior. So be patient. I would wait for preapproval until you are absolutely 100% ready to buy. Its nice to have that preapproved letter in your offer statement. Until then use online calculators to figure out how much you can afford cause people will give you as much $$ as you want regardless of if you can afford it.

    • Awesome, thanks for the advice. This whole process seems completely overwhelming. Thankfully James is good at talking me down 🙂

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