Weekend, Big Love, Sony is awesome

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Don’t you hate it when weekends just fly by? At least we had a good time. We spent most of Saturday at Josh and Ann’s house in Olathe, and James finally got to meet their absolutely adorable little girl Sydney. We spent the afternoon playing games and catching up. We promised to have them over in another few weeks so we can properly test out our new grill.

Speaking of which, tonight i grilled myself a fat portabello mushroom burger, and it was deee-vine. Thanks to Jill for the recipe–just marinate in balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with garlic salt, and grill for 10 minutes or so. This might be my new Monday James-is-out-for-the-night dinner.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Sunday James actually got out of bed in time for yoga class. And believe it or not, his friend Travis wanted to come, too. Another convert, methinks. I better stop talking up these classes or they’re going to start getting really full, heh. Jill came over that afternoon for a little prenatal yoga (I’m wondering if I should look into teaching…but I don’t know if I could say, “Breathe through your toes” with a straight face.) She did very well, and I look forward to having her back again, assuming I didn’t scare her away. Sunday night we had another game night with friends Travis and Erica–last week it was comic book trivial pursuit, which might as well have been in French for all I could answer. This week’s Star Wars trivial pursuit gave me a fighting chance to actually win, but the rest of the players got bored and wanted to move on to Harry Potter Scene-It. James, who was tied with me in the lead before we quit, promised to play the Star Wars game with me later. God, I’m such a dork.

Cubical life was really getting to me today–chat-a-holic Spring was in rare form–so tonight I sprung (ha ha, pun) for some high-quality earbuds for the ol’ ipod. And I must say, these Sonys are worth every penny. Mmmm…bass. My bike ride tomorrow will be Awesome. But not too awesome–I keep the volume down low enough to hear traffic, for those of you concerned:)

Y’know what else is awesome? Big Love on HBO. Just as I suspected, er, all along, Margene would never stoop to fooling around with her husband’s oldest son. I like how this epi played out–that her relationship with him as third mom helped him confide in her. And as much as Albee creeps me out, I couldn’t help but root for him standing up to his dad. Roman, baaaad! Creepy old guy marrying little girls. I’m so glad Rhonda stowed away in Bill’s car–such a sweet moment her ringing their door bell and running into Barb’s arms. Though, I still wonder if she’s playing some sort of angle. She’s an odd one. I also watched a couple of 30-minute specials about polygamy that I found on HBO OnDemand. Shows how the tv-show relates to some real-life people on both sides of the argument. Very informative.

Gearing up for the new car (which I’ve decided to christen “The Boo-Berry”)–gotta put in for a car loan and get my insurance worked out. I’m crossing my fingers little Boo comes in next week. But that’s probably wishful thinking. I likely won’t meet her until I get back from Ohio. She’s got an iPod jack, and if Toast’s Jellybean is any indication, a pretty kickass sound system.


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