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We started the week in Cincinnati via Columbus–my mom’s step sisters Gail and Karen picked us up at the Columbus airport and graciously escorted us to my grandma’s house in Cincinnati. (You wouldn’t believe how expensive it is to fly directly to cincinnati from KC–about $100 more than to Columbus!) We took it easy on the holiday, eating dinner at LaRosa’s (James loves the sauce, which we used to special order in KC) and watching a totally lame fireworks special on PBS hosted by desperate-to-please Tony Danza. We muted most of it, and I had this really interesting conversation with my grandma about what it was like to grow up with deaf parents. I always knew both my great-grandparents were deaf, but it had never occurred to me the difficulties they must have had communicating with each other, and what effect that had on her and her sisters’ relationship with their parents. I was surprised to learn that none of the kids knew sign language, and were encouraged by their grandparents not to learn it. My great-grandmother could speak and read lips, and I suppose her mother wanted to encourage that way of communicating over sign language to better assimilate into “normal” society. I’m not sure. Grandma did say that her mother carried around a slip of paper and pencil, and once she got so frustrated with a store clerk, she had to write down what she was trying to say. She also loved it when my grandma would play the piano–she couldn’t hear it, but she could feel the vibration. My great-grandfather had little training with lip-reading, so I imagine his children didn’t have much opportunity for meaningful conversation with him. My grandma was born the youngest of three children right at the height of the Great Depression, so she spent much of her childhood with her whole family living with her grandparents while her father looked for work. All very interesting family history (and grandma, feel free to chime in if I got anything wrong or if you want to add an tidbits 🙂

Thursday we spent the morning transferring the title to grandma’s old car and getting temporary tags, which turned out to be a piece of cake. The DMV was blessedly empty when we got there, and we got the whole thing done in 15 minutes. Which left us plenty of time to get chili at Skyline. Mmmm…coneys.

That afternoon we headed up to Fremont, OH, for my sister-in-law Kim’s wedding. We met her fiance Craig and his whole family, who were great fun and really nice hosts. We spent Friday decorating the Moosehead Lodge for the reception, complete with tulle and twinkly lights, then headed to this gorgeous Catholic church for the rehearsal. My father-in-law put me in charge of pictures (along with my very talented sis-in-law Ann), so we busied ourselves setting up the tripod and begging the priest to let us use the flash. Then it was off to the local pub for pizza and beer, and I got a chance to meet some of Kim’s friends, and a lot of James’s family I’d never met before. I had a little trouble with the whole James/Collin thing–half the time his family had no idea who I was talking about when I referred to him as James. For some reason I have no problem calling him “Uncle Collin” when we’re around the nephews, so maybe I should just call him that 🙂 Despite a few tears and a little drama, the wedding went off without a hitch. Kim looked radiant in her dress, and the priest kept the ceremony relatively short. (Good thing, cuz the church wasn’t air conditioned). The reception was a blast–my kind of food (BBQ pulled pork with all the fixins), and a great DJ. James and I volunteered as chauffeurs for the newly-weds, so we closed out the place at 11:30 with a few of Kim’s friends and all of the siblings. Apparently everyone was saying James and I were adorable on the dance floor, hee hee. James’s oldest brother Chris and his wife Ann dropped off the little ones with “Papa Texas” so they could stay late with us, and Michael, the youngest brother, was cracking us up with his drunken moves. I think Kim was amazed us “old people” could actually bust a move 🙂 We got the bride and groom safely to their hotel and called it a night around midnight.

So now I’m home, and James is taking a couple of days to drive the Buick back here and visiting family in Springfield. I wish I had the day off tomorrow, but so it goes.


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  1. Awww. Little baby corpses. How cute. <3

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