Harvesters and Harry Potter

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Tonight I volunteered at Harvester’s, a non-profit food network that coordinates food and supplies for local organizations providing for the needy. We spent two hours at a warehouse in a not-so-great neighborhood (incidentally, the same place James had to pick up his recovered car after it was stolen) sorting canned foods in different boxes. It stank. I sweat. But at the end of the night, I felt like I’d really accomplished something. That I’d sacrificed my comfort so that someone who would ordinarily go hungry could have a meal. We got a tour of the facility after packing our boxes, and I was surprised to learn how much food passes through their doors. They process something like 43 million pounds of goods per year. Every 10 minutes during business hours, three charities come by to pick up goods to deliver to local shelters and the like. They service about 12 or so counties in MO and KS, and they’re the only ones doing it. Usually every year I donate to a charity, but I found this work more rewarding. I really felt like I was making a difference. Penton sends a group out there once a month for a two-hour shift, which I’m going to make a point of joining along when I can. Thanks to Lucy for suggesting I volunteer.

In other news, James made it home in one piece. The buick handled wonderfully, and even got better gas mileage than we thought it would (about 30 mpg). One down side–there’s no way we’ll fit both it and my new car in our garage. I told James to enjoy his garage parking while he can–once my car comes in, I get first dibs. Seems fair 🙂 On the plus side, he suggested we go bike-shopping for him this weekend, and we’ll have ample room in there for a second bike with only one car.

Only two more hours until the Harry Potter premiere!! James, Travis and I have tickets to the midnight showing, and i can hardly contain my excitement! I hope it’s as good as all the previews and clips I’ve been watching. If I can manage to stay up late enough, I’ll post my review tonight. I mean, who needs sleep, anyways, right?


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