Harry Potter Mania!

July 11, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So, we arrived at the theater about an hour early hoping to snag some good seats, and it turns out we were lucky to get any seats at all! I’d never seen the parking lot so full, and all 13 screens showing Harry Potter 5 were sold out. Glad I bought the tickets online. Lines at the concession stand teemed with teenagers dressed in robes and witch hats. As the screen darkened and the gleaming WB logo soared into view, the whole auditorium burst into applause.

I was a little concerned at the start–the pacing at the Dursley’s seemed a little off, but it soon recovered once the Order of the Phoenix escorted Harry to London on their broomsticks. I kind of regret having watched so many clips yesterday, but there was still plenty of the movie I hadn’t seen yet. I thoroughly enjoyed David Yates’s directing style. He managed to capture some of the tricks Alfonso Cuarón used in the third movie (and still my favorite), but added tension with some jittery handheld moments. The casting was superb–Imelda Staunton played a sickeningly sweet and deplorable Dolores Umbridge, and even the girl playing Luna Lovegood impressed me more than I’d expected. I’d say this movie ranks a very close 2nd favorite for me–though, it may slip into first place the more I see it. With all the applause and laughter, I missed some of the funny dialogue. There were some plot alterations, but they were forgivable. The only regret I have is that they cut the scene with Harry and his magic mirror. After Sirius dies and he’s back in his dormitory, he finds the mirror in his trunk, which Sirius had given to him as a way to communicate. Harry’s forlorn attempt to contact him through the mirror brought me to tears as I read it in the book. I think it would have made Sirius’s death more moving had they included that scene in the movie.

Aside from that one complaint, the fifth installment was highly entertaining, adventurous, and very well-written. The combination of humor and darkness played well on the screen. Ralph Fiennes and Gary Oldman delivered some great performances. I can’t wait to see it again!


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