More Harry Potter, little Boo, good dinner

July 12, 2007 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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It’s not enough that Harry Potter 5 opened on Wednesday (which I think I’m going to see again next week, it was so awesome), but the highly anticipated seventh and final book in the series will be released next Saturday the 21st. I went online and reserved two copies, because of course James and I have to read it simultaneously. Apparently we can go down to Borders and pick up our copies at midnight the night before, and if we go early enough, we could get a free poster and glowing magic wand. Woo-hoo! One of my co-workers warned me that sometimes people will drive by and shout out the ending of the book. So I figure I’ll wear my snazzy new noise-canceling headphones while I stand in line to foil any attempts to ruin it.

I heard from the Honda dealer today, and my little Boo Berry is currently in transit in Illinois. He said they’re expecting it to arrive between the 16th and the 20th. So it could be here as early as Monday!!!

Tonight I had dinner with Matt, Carli and Jenny at Avenues in Brookside. The food was wonderful! We had this great steak medallion in a pastry for an appetizer, and I had the Chicken Florentine w/ spinach and broccoli. The wine list was extensive (but poorly organized), and the wait staff intelligently recommended a robust red that everyone liked. We’ll definitely be returning.

Tonight I must get my beauty-rest. That midnight show threw off my whole sleep schedule, and it’s been a chore getting out of bed in the morning. I’d really like to take the bike to work tomorrow, which means an early start. Work drama today is making me dread going in tomorrow, but I’m hoping things will have blown over by the morning.



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  1. I’m glad you liked Avenues. Were you the youngest ones there by about 40 years?

    • Oh, I didn’t really notice. Seems like there were some fairly young people there, actually.

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