I’m pooped

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Another busy Sunday. James and I almost overslept for our yoga class, but we were glad we rushed over there. We actually got there a little early, so we practiced headstands, and I finally did one! I’m so proud. It was easier than I thought once I’d kicked myself up. Of course, I was still balancing my legs against the wall, and I did have to kick myself up instead of easing up slowly. Some people walked in and said, “geez, I hope we don’t have to do those in THIS class.” Not likely–restorative is mostly lying around, lol. I’m hoping I can get in some more practice before the inversions workshop in August. There’s a yoga 101 workshop coming up this weekend, which will give some detailed instruction on perfecting the basic poses. I think James and I can managed the two-hour break from non-stop Harry Potter reading to attend 😉

During the hottest part of the afternoon, my crazy hubby and I decided to bike along the trail and check out houses for sale. We picked up a couple of fliers, all of which were out of our price range. We’re hoping there might be some smaller homes in those neighborhoods we might be able to afford. I’d really like to live along that trail.

Poor James had a crown come loose on Friday, so he skipped Jill’s birthday dinner at Hibachi. I caught all three shrimp the guy lobbed at me–a first! Grandpa Marvin came, and it was nice to see him again. Once my busy schedule dies down, I really want to make more trips up to see him and Jill in “the city”. I’ve been spending too much time in JoCo.

James is the bestest husband in the world (he’s reading over my shoulder). Says James, “I better be the bestest husband in the world even when I’m not reading over your shoulder!” Yes, we talk like this all the time. Nauseating, I know.


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