Productive Weekend

July 15, 2007 at 12:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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It’s been go-go-go all weekend (funny to think that three months ago I was bored out of my skull every weekend in DC). Last night we picked up a racing bike for James at Target. We rode on the trail a bit, and I think once we work out the kinks, we’ll be making a habit of hitting the trail on the evenings and weekends. His bike goes faster than mine, which has me pondering if I should also get a racing bike. Might take me less time to get to work.

This morning we got up early to sort out our new auto insurance, and then I headed to my friend Maggie’s baby shower at a very posh house in Leawood. The food was fantastic, and it was fun to talk “baby” with the girls. Instead of bringing cards, we were instructed to bring our favorite kids book and sign that, which I thought was a clever idea. Might have to steal that when/if my time comes. Spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores, and the entire evening finishing up my sis-in-law’s wedding pictures. I had to color-correct about 70 of them, which is a lot more work than it sounds. I hope everyone likes them ok–I think they turned out great, thanks in large part to the pretty bride and handsome groom. Check them out here if you like.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning’s restorative yoga, ohhhhmmmm…



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  1. Great photos Amanda! I too got roped into taking pictures for Royce’s friends wedding…never used one of those fancy cameras before but now I’m in love. Must must get one before Rome!

    • Let me know if you need any recommendations. This camera has been the best birthday gift ever! (and my birthday is still 5 months away, lol)

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