The Fit is…erm, go?

July 18, 2007 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Tonight I decided to test out my favorite feature of my new car: the “magic” seats. Both back seats not only flip down, but the bottom seats also flip up so you can slide a bike in through the back doors. According to the book, it says you’re supposed to take the front wheel off your bike, but I figured my bike was smaller than most, certainly the whole thing would fit in there, right? So up the bike goes…over…watch the paint…run around to the other side…pull…and there! But, heh, the doors won’t shut. So I pop the front wheel off, jump in with the bike, do some more maneuvering, and voila! Only took 15 minutes, lol. I remembered my dad-in-law, who also owns a Fit, mentioning he thought it was easier to lay the seats down and fit the whole bike in the back. So out comes the bike (watch the paint!), on goes the wheel, down go the seats, and then I continue with the grunting and pushing and pulling. I guess when I imagined throwing my bike in the back, I neglected to account for my lack of upper body strength, heh. I’d say both methods are more trouble than I’d hoped, but still better than a precarious bike rack. It says I should be able to fit two bikes with the front wheels off, but I won’t be able to test that with James’s new bike because it doesn’t have an easy release on the front wheel. I’m hoping to test it in the fall with my friend Jenny, who’s also an avid biker. Maybe with two of us the bikes will slide in easier.

The only other complaint I’ve got with the new car is the seats aren’t all that comfortable. I’m hoping I just need to get used to them. But it sure does look pretty!


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