I Never Knew I Had it In Me…

August 1, 2007 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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The Force was strong with me today–the Wookie and I took 1st place at the poker table! And we won 10 whole dollars! The Sasquatch went down early, amid much Wookie heckling. Despite my surprising triumph, my lousy game last week ensured that I’d miss my shot at the final table. Better luck next year.

Unexpectedly, my boss decided yesterday they’ll be needing one more person to go to Siggraph, a computer animation trade show we cover, and I eagerly volunteered. I’ve been wanting to go for years now, and I’m finally getting my shot. Next week I’m off to sunny San Diego to man the Reel-Exchange booth, attend a few parties, and hopefully see some cartoons. I might also get to take some photos with the new Nikon. I’m hoping to prove my worth and earn a repeat trip next summer.

Last night I went with Charissa to see the Simpsons movie. Freakin’ hilarious!! Despite a few slow parts, the one-liners and Homer/Bart hi-jinx delivered. I was especially amused by the PG-rated humor, Homer’s middle fingers and Bart’s family jewels among them.

James leaves for Georgia on Monday, and I’m hoping my upcoming trips to San Diego and Austin will help the three weeks pass quickly. I’m sure it will also help that I have so many friends and family in town–my social calendar has quadrupled since I moved back. I’ll probably be doing lots of yoga, as well, since I bought an unlimited monthly pass. I had to work late tonight, so James had to go to class without me. He’s really taken to this yoga thing–he never ceases to surprise me!


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