Austin continues in Awesomeness

August 20, 2007 at 12:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Had another lovely day in the “City of Bats.” Had brunch this afternoon at Lambert’s with my mom and dad-in-law from San Antonio and Marisa. It was a little pricey, but definitely worth the expense. The sauce was a bit different from KC–more red in color, and a bit spicier. Their beef brisket was succulent, and eggs benedict with steak and tabasco hollandaise sauce was excellent. Marisa tried their biscuits and gravy, which she loved, and Patty and Robert sampled an olympic-sized french toast topped with peach ice-cream (this bread gave a whole new meaning to the word “Texas Toast.”) We liked everything single thing we tried, and we certainly ate our fill. We spent the rest of the our afternoon walking around downtown Austin, and touring the capital building. Marisa and my in-laws got along famously, even offering to exchange numbers in case Marisa ever wanted a place to stay in San Antonio. I think Marisa has been adopted into the Fletcher/Berberich clan 🙂

Later in the afternoon Marisa and I went swimming at a rather large neighborhood creek, free to the public, and just what we needed after a hot day walking in the sun. We walked down a long trail to the water, where we found friends and families frolicking among the trees both on the banks and in the middle of the creek. It was wise to wear shoes among the craggy and slimy rocks, and the whole experience brought me back to my childhood camping trips.

After watching several Flight of the Conchords clips (I’ve managed another convert), we mosied over to the Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the bats come out at dusk. It wasn’t quite the impressive swarm I was expecting, but it was pretty cool to see them flying out from under the bridge in little batches. Then we headed to Paciugo Gelato for some damn fine gelato. After much deliberation, I tried a german chocolate/white chocolate/pistachio combo which was super yummy. Then we mosied across the street to this wine bar for some white and Rose wines, and engrossing conversation. Another great day in Awesome Austin.

Tomorrow I’m mostly on my own, and with the heat I’m thinking some art museums are in order. And a possible detour through the UT campus, which I’ve always wanted to see. And of course the sushi/kareoke Monday night–I’m sure that’ll be amusing.


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