Austin, you will be sorely missed.

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Sushi kareoke was an absolute riot. The DJ, who everyone called DK, was this raunchy little Japanese dude who slapped the girls on the butt, swore like a sailor (picture with the accent), and called every guy who came up to sing “Gay Boy.” I met some of Marisa’s friends from her old job–and of course they were all very cool and interesting. Marisa and I were the only ones gutsy enough to sing, and we both fared well with the required “Sake Bomb”–every singer has to chug this glass of beer with a sake dropped into it after they finish. I sang Like a Virgin to much fanfare and heckling. Some acts were hard to follow, and some got the gong after only a few verses. Regardless, our rowdy group sang along at the top of our lungs. Too much fun!

This morning I was determined to bike along the river on this trail Marisa told me about. I had quite an adventure getting this accomplished–when I saw Marisa again at lunch, she called me “tenacious”, hee hee. One of her friends at kareoke offered to let me borrow his bike, so we had picked it up on the way home last night. He’d demonstrated how to take the tires on and off, and we had the hardest time trying to figure out how to put it back together once we got it home. The back tire brakes were all messed up, but we figured someone on the trail could help me out with it in the morning. Long and short of it, turned out we needed an Allen wrench, and Marisa didn’t have one. So while Marisa set off for work with the car, I set out on foot to find the needed hardware–which turned out to be about a mile down the road. After much tinkering I finally got the bike working again, only to discover the pedals were set for bike shoes, so riding it with regular shoes was extraordinarily uncomfortable. Imagine sharp rocks wedged up under your arches. Not to be discouraged, I looked up this bike shop I’d seen near Marisa’s house and asked if I could swap out this bike for a rental, which they were cool with. So I rather painfully rode the borrowed bike down the road a couple miles, rented a very cush cruisin’ bike (even in my favorite vivid blue color!), and away I proudly went. Mission accomplished! Took a lovely ride along the 10-mile trail that goes up and down the river, stopping to read a few signed about bats (I didn’t know they designed the bridge to attract the bats). Then Marisa picked me up and took me to this awesome taco stand by her house–kind of a random little place, but the “Trailer Park Taco” was very yummy. I had such a great time, I can’t wait to go back!

Check out my pictures here.


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