Jill and Evey doing well

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I went up to St. Luke’s last night to see Jill, and she and Evey are doing great. My dad was there, and he’s taken to calling the baby Millie. It’s fitting–dad has renamed almost all of Jill’s pets, lol. I think it’s cute…she’ll have her own special nickname from grandpa Mark. 🙂 Big brother Cam, on his best behavior, told dad he needed to wash his hands before he “pets the baby.” lol. We have a feeling Cam will be a protective brother.

I guess they’ll be at the hospital another day or two, and then settle in at home this weekend. Doug and dad have the big job of cleaning out all of the mold in their new house next week. I’ve offered to help paint, strip wallpaper, babysit–wherever I’m needed. With any luck, the house will be ready for them by October.

I’m looking forward to some bike-riding and yoga this weekend. Hoping all the exercise will help with the sleeping problems. I’ve got a call out to an acupuncturist, and if they think they can help me, I’ll likely be starting that next week. It helped Jill’s chronic headaches, so I figure it’s worth a try.

Books for this week/month
Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. Jill gave me this book for Christmas, and I’m finally getting around to reading it. She warned me the series is addictive, so I have a feeling I’ll be sucked in.


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