Happy Birthday, Husband

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James is 29 today, and for a brief two-and-some-odd months, I’ll get a reprieve from the constant “old lady” teasing. And then I’m sure I’ll get it ten-fold when I turn 30 this November. Silly husband. We spent the evening at Red Lobster pigging out on all-you-can-eat shramps and chedda’ biscuits. Mmmmm…chedda’ biscuits….

On the way home we had a lengthy conversation about our plans for the coming year, and it felt so nice to finally be on the same page. It took some compromising, but we’re finally seeing eye-to-eye on where we’d like to end up. And I’ve definitely drawn my line in the sand, so I’m not the only one making sacrifices. Of course, what we’d like to happen and what actually happens seldom match up, but at least we want the same things. For the most part.

Before dinner we killed some time at Borders (big surprise), and while hunting for suitable nephew birthday gifts, I came across this hilarious children’s book by the author of one of my favorite novels, William Kotzwinkle. (I wrote an amusing review of The Bear Went Over the Mountain on Book-by-Book) Co-authored by Glenn Murray, Elizabeth Gundy, and Audrey Colman, Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise had me laughing out loud right there in the kids’ section. Apparently it’s a whole series, which when I think about it, my sister probably told me about when they first came out. But of course I’ve forgotten, so I was happily surprised and entertained.

In other amusing news, today at work I came across the Korean edition of one of the magazines I design, which I’d never gotten to see before. Sort of surreal seeing everything I laid out redesigned and translated into Korean. Even more amusing were some of the random words they chose to leave in English. I was totally jealous of the paper they used–much thicker and shinier than the crap-ass, not-quite-white paper we print on. I showed it to James, and he was like, “So, if I move us to South Korea, could you get a job doing this one?” Hmmm…well, maaaybe. Really, I have no idea. We just send PDFs to some person over there who does all this, likely someone who actually speaks and reads Korean. I’m hoping if we do end up overseas, I can talk my boss into letting me freelance design our more exciting movie technology magazine. I think that’s totally doable.

Also wanted to mention I updated my Top 30 Books list, and created a Top 30 books tag for this and all mentions of books on this list. I added Tuesdays with Morrie and The Bear Went Over the Mountain, sadly displacing The Memory of Running and the Shopaholic series. Maybe I should compile a top 50 list instead…


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