Hooray for unassisted sleep!

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I did a lot more than sleep this weekend, but sometimes it’s the small accomplishments that make you happy. And tired. Saturday I decided to attend two yoga sessions–one Hatha Flow and one Restorative, so a nice mix of challenge and relaxation. For dinner we fried up some okra (probably the last of the season, boo hoo) and grilled some incredible hamburgers made from the beef my dad bought from the Amish. And by 10 PM it was lights out for me, no need for sleep aids. Surprisingly, I didn’t notice much pain, which is the whole reason I can’t sleep in the first place. I’m hoping for a repeat of that tonight–though, I’m not going to count on it. Today dad came over and we did a 22-mile bike ride down the trail from my house all the way to Roe and back. We made a delightful discovery–the Indian Creek trail now hooks up to the Westport Trolley trail at State Line. We’ve decided next weekend we’re going to drive the bikes over to Roe and ride East from there. See where that takes us. Anyway, you’d think after that I’d sleep like a baby, but James, Travis and I decided to go to Thai Place for dinner, and I couldn’t resist ordering the sweet sticky rice with coconut custard for dessert. And, man oh man, was that delicious!! So worth it…course, I may not say that at bedtime 😦

One of our yoga instructors just opened a massage therapy place on Antioch and 110th in OP, called Wellness Works. James, Travis and I checked it out this afternoon during her open house–she had free paraffin waxes, healthy snacks, and chair massages. After my marathon bike-ride, I thought that’d do the trick to work the kinks out, but unfortunately there was quite a line, and the massages didn’t last very long. Her rates weren’t too bad, so we’re thinking of trying it out sometime. We’re also signed up for cheaper table massages at the BMSI Institute in October. Figure we’ll do a comparison–after all the hotel massages James got in Cairo and Africa, he’s the expert, heh.

Tonight I’m gonna geek out to season one of Battlestar Galactica. Heard a lot about this show from several people, and now I’m hooked. Starbuck rules!


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