Babies, babies, babies!

September 18, 2007 at 11:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My cold has made it’s way down to my chest, producing a dry, hacking, annoying cough, accompanied by the obligatory cold sore that always follows these types of illnesses. So when I agreed to make the newborn rounds, I swallowed massive amounts of cough drops, washed my hands thoroughly, and directed any wayward phlegm in non-baby directions.

Sunday I headed to mom’s to see little Evey, and boy is she a cutie! Jill is holding up well under the strains of new motherhood. I had fun holding the baby, then promptly giving her back if she started to get fussy or leave little “presents.” I think I’m going to like aunt-hood. Jill says she’s running through onsies like mad, so maybe I’ll make a trip down to the baby store before my next visit.

Last night I stopped in to see Maggie, Brian, and their three-week old daughter Anna. Now, is it me, or do all newborns look the same? Anna, also a cutie, stayed awake the whole time we were there, so this baby was more eyes-open than Evey. That’s about the extent of the differences, lol. Candi brought her 9-month old son Miles, who commanded most of the attention. Don’t think he’ll have any problems with younger siblings, heh. Or is that a bad sign? Anyway, lots of cute babies, and lots of stories from the trenches of motherhood. I’m glad to be getting the straight talk from my friends and sister before I take the plunge. At least I’ll know better what we’re getting into.


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