Dressing up the ol’ walls, Louis and Clark by bike, and the TV madness begins

September 23, 2007 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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I spent Saturday morning with Jill, Evie and mom at the Un-plaza Art Fair admiring artwork, photography and pottery. I didn’t buy anything, but I took away some inspiration. I spent most of Saturday night going through all my photos and ordering prints at Walgreens. I picked them up today along with some frames at Michaels. It’s amazing how a little color on the walls makes a place feel more homey. I’ve still got tons of white space to fill up, and I’m hoping to get out there with the camera once the leaves start turning. I went on a bike ride this morning in search of the Westport Trolley Trail, but instead discovered that the Indian Creek Trail runs all the way to 99th and Holmes. Despite a few wrong turns, I managed to find my way there and back to Roe Park in a couple of hours. Along the way I passed Leawood City Park and a connection to Tomahawk Creek trail–I followed it for about a mile and came across this dazzlingly blue body of water. The bright aqua blue made me think it might be a spring. I’m definitely going back there to explore with my camera when it gets cooler and more colorful. Also along my path on State Line was the old Watts Mill. Or at least the historical marker where it used to stand. The creek widens out and cascades in waterfalls over large flat rocks here, and I stopped to admire the view and read some of the signs. Amazing I’ve lived here most of my life and never saw this before. I can’t wait to hit the trails again next weekend, perhaps this time finding the actual trail I’m looking for, heh. Although, the exploring is half the fun. This might sound silly, but as I ride I imagine myself as Louis and Clark, or Sam and Frodo, exploring uncharted lands. And they are sort of uncharted, by me anyway.

So tonight kicks off prime time TV week, and the show to watch is Family Guy–an hour-long epi spoofing Star Wars, sweet! Last week I caught Kelsey Grammar’s new show Back to You, about a TV anchor who made it big, gets fired, and has to go back to his roots in Pittsburgh. Also starring Patricia Heaton, both actors I really like. I wasn’t that enamored with the pilot, but an unexpected twist at the end intrigued me enough to get me to tune in again next week. Despite that, I would still categorize it as the poor man’s Murphy Brown (incidentally one of my fav shows of all time). Hmmm…I might be cooking up a new top 10 list 🙂 The best show of the summer in my opinion is Glen Close’s Damages on FX. Lots of twists and turns in this corporate law murder mystery, and sophisticated weaving of present events and flashback make for a compelling show. Throw in a surprisingly awesome Ted Danson as the antagonist Frobisher, and I’m hooked. Only a couple more epis left in the season, and I already can’t wait for next season. Big Love came in a close second for me–it seemed like this season went by too quickly. No cliff hanger on the season finale, which made me happy. USA’s Burn Notice was highly entertaining this summer, and one of those rare shows that James will watch with me. Rescue Me was mostly disappointing this season–the plot has gotten confusing and weird. Funny enough, I’ve spent the last couple weeks watching Battlestar Galactica on the advice of my sister, Charissa, Tori, and Whitney Mattheson from Pop Candy. This show is totally awesome! I’m almost finished with Season 2.5, and I’m going to have to wait patiently as my DVR fills with repeats from Season 3. Season 4 won’t be starting until January, so I hope to be all caught up by then. If you’re at all into this genre, definitely check out this series!



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  1. bsg

    holy cow, bsg gets better and better. i just finished the first half of season 2. that one scene with the wire up the arm made my stomach turn. and the whole fatal trusting the cyclones cycle is so captivating. and apollo slips saying he loves starbuck. drama oh so good! –charissa

    • Re: bsg

      I love Starbuck! You’ll love season 2.5–just keeps getting better.

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