Nerds Inherit the Earth

September 24, 2007 at 10:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Great night of TV! Caught the premiere of How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and I’m glad to see this show still has the goods. Guest stars Mandy Moore and Enrique Iglesias livened things up a bit, though the main characters still made with the funny. Especially Barney. I discovered his blog the other day, complete with visual aids (heh heh, laids). Yes, I know this is a cheesy ploy by the show writers, but it’s still fun to read. Had another half hour before Heroes started, so I stuck around to watch CBS’s new show, The Big Bang Theory. Starring Johnny Galecki (David from Roseanne–incidentally, my favorite character on one of my favorite shows) and Jim Parsons of Garden State fame (I almost didn’t recognize him without his armor, lol), this pilot about two MIT nerd roommates had me laughing for nearly 30 minutes straight. Nerds are so adorable, and apparently funny. The writing was smart, and the comedic timing was spot on. Will definitely be tuning in again next week.

Flipping to NBC, I saw I’d missed the premiere of Chuck, another nerd-based sit-com/action-adventure. The clips looked funny, so I’ll try to catch Saturday’s encore. Nerds rule! Now if they could just bring back Freaks & Geeks

Heroes had a stellar start to the second season. If I had any downstairs neighbors, they would have heard me yell, “NOOOOOO” when George Takai bit the dust, and “YAAAAAY” when they found Peter still alive. I love the Claire storyline, and was intrigued by the “Boy Who Could Fly”–though a little creepy him spying on her from the tree tops. Hope he doesn’t make a habit of that–lord knows it’d be tempting for a teenage boy. I digest…anyway, great night of TV, and hoping the rest of my shows this week are as good. And sorry, mom, I didn’t watch Dancing With the Stars 🙂


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