Field Trip!

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It’s always nice to break up mundane workdays with field trips. Yesterday the staff and I headed out to MK12 Studios down in the Crossroads district. They’re a graphics and animation studio, a key demographic for our magazines, hence the field trip. They gave us a tour of their very hip facility, and let us watch some reels. Right now they’re working on some new Budweiser commercials–lucky guys got to shoot on location in Argentina. Most impressively, MK12 did all of the wild OCD graphics for the movie Stranger Than Fiction. These guys all went to the KC art institute, and here I am kicking myself for not going myself when I had the chance. This is my dream job! Course, it would help to have some actual animation skill, but I can’t help daydreaming that if I could just get my hands on a bootleg copy of AfterEffects, I’ll discover my inner savant.

Today was all about the inner peace. I’m continuing with the acupuncture sessions, and they really seem to help, at least for a few days at a time. Doc Sherman “the Sherminator” says if I keep coming, we should reach a point where the pain disappears for months at a time. I’m hoping it won’t take much longer–these sessions are kinda pricey. However, this is the only positive result I’ve gotten–even the ambien/tylenol cocktail didn’t work every time. And this way is so much better for me. I hated taking all those drugs.

After work I headed to yoga, and now I feel totally relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. Let’s hope better than last night–I finally went to bed at 4 AM. It’s wasn’t a totally fruitless night, though. Finished my Battlestar Galactica season 2.5 DVDs, and was delighted to discover my DVR had taped the first epi of Season Three. What a surprising turn the show starts to take! I won’t ruin it, but I’m hoping things improve for Starbuck and the gang. Things are quite dire!


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