Acupuncture, Chicago, and Urban Times

October 3, 2007 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I am a human pin cushion no more. I feel like I gave acupuncture the ol’ college try, but after six sessions and a few hundred dollars, I’ve decided to call it quits. I was willing to keep trying if the results improved each time, but this week there was no improvement at all. Doc Sherman insists that acupuncture does work, and I truly believe him, but it just doesn’t work for me in this instance. There are too many triggers–stress, food–that, as he puts it, “mess me up.” I’m not quite ready to abandon Eastern medicine just yet, but in the meantime James thinks it best I see a real doctor. I’m not that wild about the idea–the two lousy docs I had in NY and DC left me a little gun shy–but I’m thinking this time I’ll try a female specialist, on the advice of my aunt who has the same disorder. Course, I’ll have to find a whole new doc if/when we move to chicago…but, ok, breathe…no sense worrying just yet.

Speaking of Chicago, James has it on good authority that they’ll be posting those positions by November 1. Which works perfectly with his GS level promotion–he was hoping to have attained GS12 status before he applies for a new job. That’ll keep him in the higher income bracket, and will hopefully enable us to afford a nicer place to live. Soooo, if the job opens November 1st, and likely closes by the 15th, he could get a call back as early as late January. And we’d probably be moving in February. Greaaat time of year to move north. {:- /

I just realized I have a New York cell phone number, a Maryland driver’s license, and Kansas plates on my car. How weird is that?

In other news, I managed to pick up a freelance gig this month. I’ll be designing a few stories in Urban Times, a local start-up magazine about KC city life. I’m hoping if they like me and the work doesn’t overload me, it’ll become a regular thing. The design on this pub is very cool and edgy–something I rarely get to do with my current books. The whole thing is staffed by freelancers, which could prove to be an organizational nightmare. However, the ever-reliable and always likable Hench Aussie is part of the team, so I have faith that at least everything she touches will be golden. And I’ll have someone to commiserate with if this turns into a fiasco.

Tomorrow I’ll be learning the ins and outs of Adobe Flash CS in an all-day workshop. I figure I’ve been putting it on my resume for a couple years now, probably best to actually have used it, lol.



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  1. Blogorama

    I’m so impressed with your blog updating abilities. I’m wondering in my photo format is slowing me down, because it’s a daunting task I’ll often put off 😦 -Charissa

    • Re: Blogorama

      Well, you’re doing something right. I always enjoy reading about all the cool things you’re doing in Seattle 🙂

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