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Twenty-five years ago, in a momentary lapse of parental judgment, my mom took me to see Poltergeist. I was five years old, the same age little Carol Anne uttered her famous line and landed herself in another dimension. And I had nightmares for weeks.

Tonight my mom agreed to see it with me again at a special twenty-fifth anniversary showing on the big screen. As the branches of that creepy tree crashed through the bedroom window and snatched up Robbie, my mom leaned over to whisper, “This is the part where I thought maybe I shouldn’t have brought you here.” Hee hee. I remember I was the most creeped out by that guy tearing off his face. It took me years before I could watch that scene without covering my eyes. And when I finally did, it seemed so fake, I couldn’t believe I was ever scared of it in the first place. It’s funny–that movie scared me so much when I was five, but as I grew older and watched it again, I came to love it. Especially the end where Craig T. Nelson haughtily pushes the TV out of their motel room. That still cracks me up.

In fact, that movie made quite an impression on me. In fifth grade I started doing research into the paranormal for this project I did in school, and I discovered an intriguing theory about poltergeists–that because they normally revolve around a person, usually teens going through puberty, perhaps they aren’t ghosts at all. Instead, they’re telekinetic energy brought about by hormonal imbalances, and uncontrolled by the teenager involved. Around this same age I read Willow Davis Roberts’ The Girl With the Silver Eyes, about a girl who could move things with her mind, and I became absolutely convinced that if I wished hard enough, I too would have telekinetic powers. I read up on ESP, then made up little cards with circles, squares, and wavy lines to test out with my friends. I started reading Stephen King novels, which only fueled the fire, and as I approached puberty I watched for Signs. But, alas, puberty came and went, and with it went my psychic tenacity. I gave it up in favor of slumber parties and crushes on boys. I continued to read my Stephen King, but I resigned myself to an ordinary, un-telekinetic existence. Now the whole psychic thing seems like a sham to me. But deep down inside, sometimes I wonder…



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  1. Where?

    Where are they showing this on the big screen? – Tori

    • Re: Where?

      It was at all the AMC’s in town. But for one night only, so you missed it 😦

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