Nephews and Nieces, oh my!

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Gotta love those boys. Brady and Devin were cuter than ever when we saw them last weekend in Springfield. They had just moved into a new house on the outer outskirts of town, and they couldn’t wait to show me their new room. They get the whole upstairs, a loft-style space with room for their beds, all their toys, and even their own bathroom. I think their parents were a little jealous 🙂 We watched a few soccer games on Sunday (both James’s brother and dad play), and Robert and Kim stopped through on their way to Chicago on Sunday, too. Chris and Ann’s new garage turned out to be the perfect backyard BBQ hangout. We told everyone we’re hoping to move to Chicago next year, and they were elated we’d be living so close by. Well, I guess it’s still a few hours away, but that beats the six hour drive from KC. I’m really warming up to the idea–I really like James’s family, and it’ll be nice to get to see them more often. Assuming all goes to plan (which I’m sure it won’t, heh). James says they’ve posted both Frankfurt and Moscow positions, but they both close before he can qualify to apply for them. He’s hoping this means the next one to come open will be Rome, but even if he applies it’s still a longshot. I wish we could just pick a direction and go with it, but I know better than to expect that from that hubby o’ mine. Sighhhh….

Last night I had a meeting in the Rivermarket with the Urban Times gang, and since it ran late and James wasn’t feeling well, I decided to skip German class and see Jill, Doug and Evie instead. My timing was perfect–Jill had just gotten the 3rd season of Battlestar Galactica (from Europe–not in the US yet, damn!)–and I got to pick up where I’d left off with the Sci Fi Channel reruns. I was tempted to stay all night to watch more, but Jill said I’d have to take a shift with the baby, and something tells me that wouldn’t be fun. Although, I really did have fun rocking and bouncing and feeding and burping her. I think Jill enjoyed the break, heh. She and Doug had a setback on the house this weekend–someone broke into the new house and stole all of Doug’s powertools. Homeowners insurance covered them, but they still have to pay the deductible, which I’m sure they don’t need on top of everything else. Hopefully nothing else will go awry in the next few weeks. With any luck, they’ll be all moved in by the end of the month.


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