Mattresses, Massages, and Moving Madness

October 13, 2007 at 11:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

What an exhausting week. Work has been uber-hectic, and it looks like I’ll have to put in some more time on Sunday, both at my regular job and at the new freelance gig. I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those weekends that doesn’t really feel like a weekend.

Friday night I spent mattress shopping with James, and I think we’ve arrived at a consensus… an expensive one, but if it solves our sleeping problems, it’ll all be worth it. Sealy’s having a big sale, so after scouting out a couple of deals, I think we’re going with the Sealy TrueForm memory-foam mattress. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the whole memory-foam mattress thing–that they don’t breathe well, and not everyone likes the feel of them–but Mattress Firm offers a 30-day trial on it, so we figure it’s worth a try. It was the only mattress that had a total lack of motion transference, which is the main problem we’re having. Mikey the Sasquatch told me they’ve got memory-foam mattresses at CostCo for half the price, but I’m leery of buying a mattress that comes in a big box. And I’ve become such a picky sleeper, I need a confident return-policy. So tomorrow we’re off to the Mattress Firm, and with any luck we’ll have our new bed by the end of the week. Here’s hoping it helps. Sleeping on the futon isn’t very fun.

This morning James and I had massages at the BMSI massage institute, which offers hour-long massages for only $25. I rather enjoyed it, but I suspect James was spoiled by all the massages he got while abroad, and he didn’t think much of his student masseuse. We’ve decided next time we’re springing for a professional.

I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening at Jill’s helping her pack up her house. We took a load over to her new house and I got see all the pretty colors she’d painted her rooms–the kitchen bright orange (I know where she can get a cheap second-hand set of matching orange countertops, right, Julie?), the living room a golden yellow with a darker brown accent wall, Evie’s room a deep salmon, Cam’s room a very bright dark blue (like sleeping in an aquarium, heh), and their bedroom a sage green. The kitchen cabinets are arriving this week, and Doug’s finishing the floors, so I’m sure it’ll be quite transformed when I see it again on moving day at the end of the month. After dinner Jill and I took turns attempting to keep Evie from screaming and watching more Battlestar Galactica. Evie was particularly fussy, and we found our best option was to turn her over and bounce up and down. Then Evie’d get fussy again and we’d have to flip her back over like a rotisserie chicken. Quite a workout–my legs, arms, and back ache tonight (undoing all that wonderful massage did). No wonder Jill’s so skinny again so fast. 🙂


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