And I’m spent…

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This is the first night since Saturday that I’ve been home before 10 PM. The hazard of putting out three magazines all at the same time. My freelance gig has actually been fun, though a lot of late nights made worse by my having to stay late to finish my regular work, too. But now it’s all behind me–both my regular mags went to press today, and the bulk of the Urban Times work I finished tonight. Despite the late nights, I’m hoping I get to continue designing for them. It’s been fun experimenting with grungy layouts.

It’s times like these I’m glad I have a DVR. I’ve been able to veg out on the futon all night to my favorite shows. I must say this year’s lineup of new shows is better-than-average, for the most part. My favorites so far are Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Samantha Who?, Christina Applegate’s new comedy that just premiered this week. My favorite returning shows are Heroes (though, according to the Pop Candy threads, not everyone agrees with me), Grey’s Anatomy which has improved since it’s lackluster season premiere, and The Office. Even ER has been gratifying, in a grandma’s-cuddly-afgan kind of way. I’m still enjoying How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory on Mondays. And I continue to tune in for Desperate Housewives so I can see my dreamboat Nathan Fillion in action. Damages is wrapping up soon, the last of the summer shows I really got addicted to.

There were a few shows that just didn’t make the cut–I abandoned Kelsey Grammer’s new show Back to You a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t all that impressed with Women’s Murder Club on Friday nights. And as much fun as I had watching Dancing with the Stars last year, I just don’t think my DVR can handle the overload. I’ve still got to find the time to watch the season finale of Burn Notice, another of my fav summer shows. And I better get cracking–our DVR’s been acting up, plus James thinks I hog it too much and he wants his own for the bedroom, so I’ll need to catch up on everything I’ve taped before I have the cable company out to replace it and bring us a second one. It’s come to this…we’re graduating to two DVRs. I knew this day would come…


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