ooooooo–Haunted Atchison!

October 25, 2007 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Did you know that Atchison is the most haunted town in Kansas? Jessaca and I learned that and more on our haunted trolley tour tonight. Oooooo, scary. In truth, our over-enthusiastic tour guide/children’s librarian hammed up the bits that weren’t already overdone on the CD of ghost stories they played as we drove around to various haunted spots. At one point she nodded toward an empty lot, “This used to be a Roadhouse where someone was murdered,” and I was thinking this was kind of silly. But then it started to get dark, and the full moon started to rise. And then we drove by Sallie’s house, the one featured on the Travel Channel. Our guide suggested we should take pictures to capture the “orbs” that have been known to float nearby, and suddenly I got the heeby-jeebies. Then we drove through Jackson Park, home to the ghost Molly who mysteriously died in the woods. The roadway narrowed, and the whole thing got a lot creepier. But fun creepy 🙂 As we headed back to the trolley depot, I started to think it would be cool to buy an old, haunted Victorian mansion. Wonder what the haunted real estate market is like? Jess and I drove past the Sallie house on the way to dinner, and we stopped to snap some photos with my phone. I felt just like Scout and Jim sneaking up to Boo Radley’s house. No orbs in my photos, tho, heh.

On the way home we drove through Leavenworth, and gleaming like a gothic marble monument was the massive Penitentiary. Kind of spooky to drive by it after our ghost tour. Now I’m all set for halloween! Tomorrow the little kiddies are coming to trick-or-treat out our office. Then the Hench Aussie is coming over to watch Alien–such a travesty she hasn’t seen it yet! Will have to dust off my scary movie collection and have myself a little marathon like I did last year.


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