Slow pre-vacation week

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We’re off to Chicago tomorrow, and in the meantime while I’ve been waiting for articles to come in at work, I’ve been perusing my favorite pop culture blog, Pop Candy. She’s had some great links lately, and an even better book recommendation — The Dead Travel Fast: Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula by Erik Nuzum. It’s a Gonzo Journalism approach to real-life vampirism, and a very amusing read.

Here are some fun links I’ve seen this week:

Sculptures at the Brooklyn Museum of art make me wish I were still living there.

Some great books that should be adapted for film. I totally agree about Stephen King/Richard Bachman’s The Long Walk, a favorite short story I always thought about as I was trudging around the track in gym class.

A trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary What Would Jesus Buy?. Think Toast and I are going to see that this month.

I’m thinking twice about seeing Bee Movie.

Photos from the latest Battlestar Galactica offering, Razor, which will be airing on Sci-Fi channel on Nov. 24. I’ll be setting both DVRs just in case.

A very cool article on Chip Kidd, a rock-star among graphic artists, and author of one of my top 20 books, The Cheese Monkeys. Looks like he’s got another book coming out soon that I’ll have to get my hands on.


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