A shut-in weekend

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Reminiscent of my days in DC, heh. Ice and cold kept James and I indoors pretty much all weekend, which meant lots and lots of TV watching. And reading. And napping. And for once my weekend didn’t just fly by. I managed to get my Christmas tree up, and I loooove my fancy new pre-lit one. So much better than my Brooklyn version, a sparsely wrapped tree that I daresay looked more like a Festivus pole. Unfortunately I didn’t win the battle with Ebenazer Fletcher, who sourly insisted we didn’t have space in the living room for my lovely tree. So I was relegated to the office/library (heh, all of our rooms are something/library), where I dutifully decorated by myself while Nat King Cole crooned the classics on my laptop. No worries–James says he’ll be happy to participate in tree-trimming once we have kids. And now I have that on the record…

Lots of interesting (and sometimes tedious) movies I saw this weekend:

Tinman, the Sci-Fi Channel’s funky remake of the Wizard of Oz in a three part miniseries. The first part left me entertained but a little disappointed–some of the CGI was pretty bad, and I found myself laughing incredulously at a few parts that I’m pretty sure weren’t intended for laughs. This is what happens when sci-fi nerds get a hold of classic literature: insert cyborgs, metal bustiers, and psychic creatures. However, as the first part ended and I watched the remaining two parts, the story picked up, and I found myself able to forgive some of the goofy sci-fi additions. The acting and casting was actually pretty good (I love everything I’ve seen Zooey Deschanel do), and the plot twists were pretty imaginative.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, a documentary about the quest to upset the Donkey Kong world record. It started out like a Christopher Guest mockumentary, and I kept having to remind myself that these people were really this obsessed about old video games. But by the end I found myself whole-heartedly rooting for the underdog. Down with the king nerd! The guy with the Steve Perry hair and the smug attitude!

Into the Wild, the new Sean Penn movie chronicling the true story of Chris McCandles, who trekked off to Alaska to live off the land, and eventually perished. I remember when I heard about this story, I thought, “Damn idealistic kid, what a dumbass.” But Sean Penn’s adaptation from Jon Krakauer’s book told it in a heart-felt and genuine way that left me seeing the virtues and simplicity of being a “leather tramp”. This movie really spoke to me, not just about going off into the wilderness, but also about the things we take for granted around us.

Pirates of the Caribbean parts I, II and III. James and I had a Johnny-Deppathon Saturday, and despite the cuteness of the two leading actors, I found the second and third installments entirely too complicated, convoluted, and tedious. I just wanted it..to be…over. This franchise started taking itself way too seriously–I much preferred the light-hearted antics of Jack Sparrow in the first installment. And of course they left the door wide open for additional sequels, which I’m sure will get exponentially worse. What is with the American thirst for sequels? Why can’t one be enough?


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