Much Christmasy goings-on

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Very busy week I’ve had! Here’s a recap:

Saturday’s 11th Annual Christmas Party went on as planned despite the freezing rain and snow. I got a great gift from Matt, 501 Must-See Movies and 501 Must-Read Books, which I promptly went through and have already started a list of “to rent/tape” and “to check out from the library.” My gift to Todd was a big hit, too–I ironed on “Meow” in leopard print letters on a winter hat, and sewed on a “fancy feast” kitty on a scarf. I even made little labels that read “Purr: The Todd Collection” and something silly on the back about the “essence of kitty.” Let’s see if he actually wears it (knowing him, he probably will, heh).

Christmas Day at mom and dad’s, punctuated by coos and cries from Evie, was entertaining. James made off with most of his requested DVDs (including two coveted Young Indiana Jones collections), and I got a shiny new dust-buster, and even shinier special edition of Bladerunner. Mom made a fabulous brisket for lunch/dinner, and we spent the afternoon and early evening scarfing cookies, playing a new game (Fact or Crap, very fun!), and putting together our favorite old jigsaw puzzle. Jill went to lie down for awhile while mom talked with her sister for about an hour, leaving dad, James and I to contend with Evie. I managed to successfully change her and feed her (yay!), but then she disintegrated into a mass of hurtling screams that only her mom could fix. Days like this I’m glad I’m only the “Auntie”. I promised to come over Saturday afternoon to help Doug watch her while Jill’s at work–my first time sort of babysitting. I’m sure Cam will be keeping Doug occupied, and will probably be trying to keep me occupied, too, the little attention hog 🙂 Let’s hope I still want kids after this.

Actually, we had quite a kid test this week in St. Louis–our nephews were in rambunctious form, despite their good behavior at their great-grandmother’s funeral. They’re so cute, though, we forgive them 🙂 The trip was exhausting for everyone — we all (James’s dad, brother and sis-in law w/ their two boys, and he and I) stayed at his grandfather’s house, and none of us could sleep with all the excess heat. Grandpa’s in the hospital, so we were on our own figuring things out. I was foiled at every turn — tried turning down the thermostat, but the floors were being heated by some other source; tried turning on the ceiling fan, but it rattled uncontrollably; tried opening the windows, but the storm windows were shut tight. Then James started snoring, and I huffed off into the livingroom to sleep on a delightfully cool leather couch. Until I heard the ticking…from a clock…affixed tightly in a nook i couldn’t reach. Found out in the morning everyone had a similarly frustrating, sleepless night. With all the driving, standing and greeting at the visitation, and early morning at the church for the service, I’m surprised everyone held up as well as they did. I’ve never been to a full-fledged funeral, so this was all a new experience for me. The open casket was a bit disconcerting, but the eulogy and church-service was touching, and it was nice to meet some of James’s relatives. (Apparently he thought so too — some he either hadn’t ever met, or hadn’t seen since he was four).

Now I’m off for some much-needed sleep, and much-dreaded work tomorrow. It’s friday tomorrow, right?


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