I’ve been Tabletized!

January 19, 2008 at 9:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

While working in the New York office, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Trevor, our editor in charge of reviews. He had a veritable treasure trove in his Closet o’ Goodies–free products that vendors had sent him for possible review in the magazine. One day I was bitching about my titchy mouse not working properly, and he dug out a brand new Wacom Tablet for me. My working life has not been the same ever since. It took a few weeks to get the hang of using a pen instead of a mouse, but after that I used it for every application, and it streamlined my process immensely. I didn’t realize how much so until I tried doing some freelance work from home last night using a mouse. I had to make a COB — cut away an object’s background so it’s on a transparent layer. Not so difficult when it’s already on a solid color background, but these were sneakers on a motley red and black carpet. Using the mouse for this was so incredibly tedious that I gave up, and I plan to head in to work today to finish it on the tablet. James tells me these tablets retail for about $400 now, which I didn’t realize before. So mucho thanks to Trevor and his magic Closet!


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