Lost Returns

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More flash forwards, yay! This is adding another interestingdimension to the plot, leading us to speculate not just about past connections, but future. In his flash forward, Hurley says he’s one of the Oceanic six, so we assume he, Kate and Jack get off the island. Who are the other three? Who ends up dying and having no one to go to their funeral but Jack? And speaking of that season finale, which they aired again on Wednesday, something was a little off in that “future.” Jack referred to his dad a couple of times — the first time I saw this, I thought he was in a drunken stupor, or he was trying to get prescriptions using his deceased dad’s prescription pad. But now I’m wondering…is this a future where Jack’s dad is still alive? Did the Oceanic six return to a world they didn’t quite recognize? They still had a place there, but fundamental changes had occurred? At the end of the season finale, Kate says “He’ll be wondering where I am,”, or something to that affect. Is “he” Sawyer? I’m thinking that’s too obvious, so it has to be someone else.

As far as last night’s epi, aside from a little over-dramatic weeping over Charlie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We know these “rescuers” aren’t really here to rescue, which lends some credence to Locke’s having killed Naomi. But in the flash forward, Hurley says he wishes he’s gone with Jack instead of Locke. I’ll be interested to see what happens to the two groups, which have split off in a sort of Science vs. Religion conflict. Another perplexing mystery: why was Hurley constantly seeing Jacob’s house? Everywhere he turned, it seemed he couldn’t get away from it, but it couldn’t have really been there. Is he going crazy prematurely? Does he have some of that Walt-like clairvoyance? In the flash forward, is he really crazy, or is the island somehow communicating with him? We know there’s an interested third party wanting to know if there are still survivors on the island. Perhaps they’re with the “rescuers”, or maybe with Penny’s dad, who seemed to have some knowledge about the island. (and maybe those are the same people).

I also caught the Oceanic commercial that aired during the premiere of Eli Stone (which was surprisingly good, BTW), and it looks to me like what Naomi said was true — the wreckage of flight 815 was found under the sea. No survivors. I’m wondering if this is a Langoliers-like parallel universe — looks like I’m not the first one to notice this. In Stephen King’s novella, a plane flies through some sort of wormhole, and everyone who was asleep on the plane wakes up to find everyone who was awake has mysteriously disappeared. Including the pilots. They manage to land, and the world they find looks like their own, but it’s empty. The food is stale. And there’s a strange noise that keeps getting louder and louder, something that’s eating the world around them, a world that turns out to be slightly in the future. Great story, and an interesting concept that might apply here. Or something like it.

So many questions, and few episodes ahead to mill through them. I think there were only six filmed before the writer’s strike happened. Let’s hope the strike doesn’t last much longer, or we’re in for another long hiatus.


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