Making History

February 5, 2008 at 10:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

37. That’s the number of democrats in my district of Johnson County, KS, who caucused in 2004. Wanna know how many showed up tonight? All of them. Over 1300, to be more precise. And I was one of ’em.

It took two hours to get us all registered and seated. Along the way I met a woman who had never voted before, a couple who brought along their 2-month-old daughter for “baby’s first caucus”, a seasoned voter who was one of the 37 from four years ago, and a mother of two teenage girls who was fed up with the Bush regime. We all were. And together we marveled at our numbers in a county heavily dominated by republicans. It was clear those in charge of this caucus were not prepared for our numbers — our group overflowed the original venue and filled both the large and small theaters in the Carlsen Center at JCCC. Once we were finally settled, the head of the Kansas Democrats went through some formalities, representatives for each of the candidates gave a little speech (Obama, Clinton, and for some reason, Edwards), and then we divided into groups to be counted. This whole process took nearly another two hours. By 9:45 we had our final count — 831 for Obama, 343 for Clinton, and a smattering of undecideds and Edwards supporters. Because the latter didn’t make the minimum requirement for viability (they had to get 15% of the total vote to be considered), they all had to realign to either the Obama or Clinton camps. I didn’t stick around for that — it seemed pretty clear who won. I sat with the majority, along with 73% of my fellow Kansans across the state.

I like what both candidates have to say, and I think either one would make a good president. But what really pushed me over to the Obama camp was James saying he’d consider voting for Obama over McCain if he gets the nomination. If Obama can sway my die-hard conservative husband, I bet he can sway a lot of others. Hillary’s so divisive, I’m afraid we’ll still be fighting for Universal Health Care if she’s not willing to compromise. However, there are up sides to having a president willing to go to the mat on liberal issues.

It’s too soon to tell how this will all end up, but I’m glad I got to do my part.


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