Lost — spoiler spectulation!

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Wow. And…uh…wow. I finally caught this week’s epi of Lost, and you can probably tell I was blown away. They’ve added a compelling new layer to this mystery, which I’m sure has the message boards chock full of theories. I’m avoiding reading them just yet so I can formulate my own. This epi prompted me to look back through all my previous Lost posts (for which I added a “Lost” tag), and I found some information in this post that got me thinking. We know from the flashbacks of the “rescuers” that Oceanic 815 was found at the bottom of the ocean, no survivors. We know that some group assembled this bizarre team — a ghost hunter, physicist, an anthropologist, the pilot who was supposed to be flying 815, and a survival guide — to fetch or maybe kill Ben, and they weren’t expecting to see any survivors. But they thought there might be a chance, judging from the fact that they weren’t all that surprised. So here’s my theory. The island, or Jacob, has the power to manifest objects, animals and people either onto the island or out in the real world. That would explain the anthropologist finding the remains of a Dharma polar bear in Tunisia. And how Locke’s dad could suddenly show up on the island. And how Oceanic 815 turns up at the bottom of the ocean, complete with dead bodies. But here’s the catch — these manifestations are just that, not the real objects or people. So the plane at the bottom of the ocean isn’t the real plane, because the real fuselage is on the beach. Locke’s dad is alive and well in the real world, and Sawyer only murdered his manifestation. Also interesting that all of these manifestations have died. Maybe it’s inevitable — that there can’t exist two copies of someone, so one inevitably has to die at some point. And maybe it isn’t always the manifestation that dies.

Which leads me to Ben. I considered that Ben’s story about being on the island as a child could be a lie, but because it was told in a third person flashback, I think it’s accurate. Perhaps these “rescuers” were hired by the original Dharma initiative, who consider Ben a dangerous rogue agent who they’ve lost control over. Obviously Ben doesn’t want to go with them, so he’s going to try everything in his (and the island’s) power to remain there. So what if, in the course of the next three seasons, the island manifests Ben either back in the real world, or back on the island? And then the one in the real world dies, and that’s who Jack goes to visit? Sounds far-fetched, but with Lost, almost anything goes.

One more tidbit I found interesting. Hurley mentions seeing the cabin, and Locke and Ben sort of flip out for a sec. He hastily backpedals, but I’m sure the mention wasn’t overlooked. I’ll be interested to see where that goes. Perhaps Hurley, of all people, will figure in with Jacob somehow.

Can’t wait for next week — we’re going to find out the identity of another of the Oceanic Six. I have no theories on who that might be, so I’ll just have to wait and see. With bated breath.


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