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First of all, Sayid is a total bad ass. I figured we were watching a flash-forward when I saw him on the golf course, but I did not expect him to assassinate that dude he was talking to. Probably the most exciting flash-forward we’ve seen, with much nearly naked Sayid (hubba-hubba) and romantic double-crossing. Interesting that he seemed to be falling for the girl he was supposedly using — maybe that’s one of his weak spots, that he gets too close to people, and why he fell for Hurley’s thinly veiled trick. I noticed the woman he kills at the end wears a similar bracelet to the one Sayid finds on Naomi. Why in the world would secret operatives wear matching bracelets? Seems like a dead give-away. Great kicker at the end, Sayid working as an assassin for Ben after they get off the island. Does this mean Sayid is after all of the Oceanic/Dharma people who may be out to harm the Oceanic six?And speaking of those, we have Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sayid, so two more to go. (I’m assuming Ben doesn’t count, as he’s not a crash survivor. And I have a feeling the fact that he’s off the island isn’t apparent to those who hunt him. See my previous post re: Ben) I read something interesting on the message boards–the man who visits Hurley in the mental hospital asks if they’re still on the island. I assumed “they” meant the rest of the Oceanic survivors. But what if he meant the rescuers? Maybe they got stuck there, and somehow the Oceanic six get off another way…

Best line from Hurley: “Great, the ship sent us another Sawyer.”


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