Lost — Spoiler Alert

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***If you didn’t see last night’s Lost, read no further! ***

Yay for answers! More questions, of course. But answers, yay!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew Sun was going to be one of the Oceanic six, and right from the get-go I could tell that Jin’s flash forward was really a flash back. Certainly after his old-school cell phone got run over by a car. Rule of thumb: When in doubt, check out the cell phones. 🙂

I also knew that Michael would be Ben’s man on the boat. It seemed too obvious last week, so I started to second guess myself. But the minute the camera panned down that hallway on the freighter, I knew that had to be Michael. Where’s Walt, I wonder? I’m guessing when Michael and Walt headed out on the bearing Ben gave them, they ran into the freighter, and Michael assumed the fake name “Kevin”. I’m also guessing that Ben knew the freighter was going to be there, and had sent Michael with instructions. I suppose Walt could be on that boat with him, even though we haven’t seen him yet. I can’t wait to see next week’s confrontation with Sayid!

Despite having guessed early on about Jin, I was still touched at the end when Hurley came to see Sun and her daughter, and they all went to the cemetery to visit Jin. So it seems now we know that eight people make it off the island — Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Claire, and little Aaron–and the two who die are Jin and Claire. This doesn’t preclude other characters making it off the island, though — I’m thinking there’s still a chance for Desmond and Juliet, since they weren’t on the original flight. Certainly we know Ben survives and is able to get off the island. I’m wondering where Michael and Walt fit in — certainly they’d be considered part of the Oceanic flight if they made it back. So maybe they don’t.

As to who is in the coffin at the end of last season, I was leaning more toward Michael, but now I’m thinking it’s Juliet. But then why would Jack only know about her funeral through a clipping in the paper? Unless she betrays him and they never speak again. Ahhh, speculation! As I understand it, we’ll be finding out before this season ends.

Also interesting that the captain of the freighter insinuates that Ben has something to do with the fake crash of Oceanic 815. Michael slips a note under their door that says, “Don’t trust the captain,” which has me wondering if the captain has it all wrong and is after Ben because of something else, or if Ben is playing them all, and he really is responsible for faking the crash.

Best line, from Jin, “Sun teaches me some English. And Sawyer, too. But Sun is better.”


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