All Work and No Play Makes Mandy a Dull Girl….

March 20, 2008 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


Well, ok, lemme back up. For the last two months, we’ve been preparing our magazines for the biggest trade show in our industry (and I’m going next month, woo-hoo!). This basically means we dash out issues double-time so they can all make it to our show booth. Which means this week we had to put three issues to bed on the same day. Today. Needless to say, it’s been hellacious. To make matters worse, I’m in production for Urban Times this week, so I’ve been working late at the job-job, just to come home and work even later on the side-job. And they’ve assigned me a doosy of an article, involving 120 map points and general loss of sanity.

But I digress. Christians.

So yesterday as I’m shleffing to my car, I noticed a pamphlet stuck under my windshield. It’s the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries World Newsletter, chock full of prayers, ads for some holy roller radio show, and a picture of the pastor himself in all his Elvis look-alike glory. You’re probably wondering why I took such a close look at said pamphlet. Well, I didn’t — I promptly chucked it, assuming they’d canvassed the parking lot and stuck it on everyone’s car.

So tonight, again schleffing, I noticed said pamphlet on my windshield for the second time. Fuckers. I took a quick scan of the parking lot, and NOT A SINGLE OTHER CAR HAD ONE. Motherfuckers. That’s right, just me: Heathen Numero Uno. I pondered how they detected my frequent waffling from mostly agnostic to hard-core atheist, when I remembered the delightful decal Jill bought me for “Eastover” a couple years back (pictured at right). I couldn’t wait to stick this baby on the back of my car. It still makes me smile.

So now they’re after me. The Christians. And this Elvis-looking dude. Anyone know a good religion repellent?



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  1. I had one on the second round too. I think they targeted the funky cars and left the boring sedans alone ><

    • I didn’t get one either time. My allergy shot made me too late for the first round.


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