San Francisco Travelogue Day #1

March 27, 2008 at 11:39 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Much like the topography of this fair city, our day had it’s ups and downs. We started the morning with a traffic accident — nothing major, but our cabby’s passenger mirror had a tussle with a tourist’s rental. We checked into the Beresford Arms Hotel downtown, which got rave reviews on, describing it as “charming.” The charm only extends east, apparently — we were instructed not to walk west on Post. Or South on Jones. Erm, not exactly a good sign. After dumping off the luggage, James and I took a nice stroll three blocks to Union Square, full of upscale shops we’d never bother with, then took a left and headed into Chinatown. It was so much nicer than NYC, I didn’t even mind it! Then, surprise!, my buddy Todd called us, and turns out he was only a few blocks away on his lunch break. So we got to have lunch with him at some Jordanian place we stumbled across — a nice surprise, because I didn’t think I’d be seeing much of him this trip (he’s one of them fancy lawyers who works 80 hours a week.)

After lunch, James and I took a stroll along the waterfront, walking from Pier One all the way up to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. That Golden Gate bridge is quite a sight, even though we weren’t very close. We picked up one of those tourist packages while we were there — which included a bay cruise, tickets to most of the museums we wanted to see, and discounts at some of the restaurants we wanted to try. Then we headed to Ghirardelli Square for free samples of chocolate, yum! I’d say food is just as important to us as sightseeing on these vacations we take.

Which leads me to the down part of the day. After an amusing ride on a street car up up up and down down down back to our hotel, we conked out until dinner. We decided to try this Indonesian place by our hotel, and it was bad. No, not bad. Horrible. It makes me ill just thinking about it. Back at our hotel, amid the random noises of our turn-of-the-century digs (in the night, James swears he heard what sounded like a deranged seagull attacking a rusty fire escape), one word came to our minds to describe our vacation so far.


However, we’re determined to look on the bright side and enjoy ourselves the rest of the week. Today we’re headed to Boudin Sourdough Bakery for some clam chowder in a breadbowl, a cruise in the bay, and a tour of a WWII submarine. And (hopefully) no “Moo” moments.


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