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Bless you, DVR. No longer will I suffer missed shows, commercial breaks, and Ryan Seacrest. Especially Ryan Seacrest.

Yes, I did indeed get sucked into American Idol again this year. It’s my guilt pleasure. I’m really digging David Cook (from Blue Springs, way to represent!) and Carli Smithson, though in my opinion they were out-shined tonight by Syesha and Jason Castro. Some of my favorite sitcoms are finally returning this week: The Office and 30 Rock return on Thursday, and I’m hoping this means more to follow. In the meantime, I’ve been taping a new show on Fox, New Amsterdam, and while it’s taken a little while to grow on me, I’m liking it more and more. It’s based on one of my favorite books, Forever by Peter Hamill — about a guy who lives 400 years on Manhattan. They’ve changed the story a bit, and turned it into a sort of cop show/history channel special. I like the history parts better than the cop parts.

Two shows top my list this week: Battlestar Galactica made a triumphant return for its fourth and final season last Friday, and it’s killlling me to have to watch it one week at a time. I spent all summer and fall catching up on the whole series on DVD, so I’m not accustomed to having to wait a WHOLE WEEK to get my Cylon fix. This show totally rocks — it’s sci-fi with heart. So now the big question — who’s the fifth Cylon? Is it the president? Adama? Starbuck? I’m at the edge of my seat — and of course there’s going to be a break due to the writer’s strike. Frak!

Another favorite, FX’s The Riches started its second season a few weeks ago. Last season we were introduced to the Malloy family, a band of “travelers” who stumbled into the ultimate scam — pretend to be the Riches, live in a mansion, fake being a lawyer, etc. It was amusing to see them almost get caught, and just barely get away with it. It was interesting to see them grapple with suddenly having money, and discovering money can’t buy happiness. This season so far has been much darker and more troublesome. They keep sinking deeper and deeper, unable to go back to being travelers, but getting closer and closer to being caught in their scam. I find myself shouting at them, “Get out of there! Run away to Mexico!” But it’s funny what $13 million dangling by a hook will make you do.

Also, I’ve been finally finding more time to read these days, and I just finished a book that’s been on my to-read list for quite some time, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Amazing. This one is rocketing up to number four my top 30 books list.


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