Las Vegas: Work Hard, Play Hard

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Up and at ’em by 8:30 AM, I marched down to the Convention Center loaded like a pack mule. Laptop, check. Camera, check. Lower back pain, check. And I walked literally miles, navigating somewhat successfully from booth to booth, snapping pictures like I was a real journalist or something. I had a nice chat with our New York editor Trevor in the Press Room — I hadn’t seen him since I’d moved from NYC in 2006, and I almost didn’t recognize him. Ran into another of my NY colleagues (Dan) on the showfloor. He hasn’t changed a bit. I managed to stop by our Penton booth sometime in the afternoon, which was tucked in a little corner, but it still managed to attract a modest crowd. Enough to keep Craig and Rick busy. But not too busy — we still had time to muse over this post from an editor of one of our sister pubs, who had a little run-in with the local law enforcement. The editors of that magazine hosted a small awards ceremony at our booth, and we got to end our day at 6 PM in style — sipping champagne and munching cheese and fruit.

A sane person would have called it a night right there. But c’mon, it’s Vegas, baby! So after a brief reprieve at the hotel, Rick, Craig and I set off on the Monorail for the Strip. Man, oh, man, Vegas is a singular place. We walked through the MGM, then down to New York, New York, where the restaurants are laid out like the streets of Little Italy. It was like they took the real New York and molded it out of plastic. It smelled much nicer than the real thing. After much deliberating, Craig and I decided to ride the rollercoaster — Mikey the Sasquatch talked it up so much at work, I had to experience it for myself. And it was quite a thrill — we were both screaming like little girls the whole way 🙂 I almost lost my glasses. They took our picture, and it was so hilarious, I actually bought it. We stopped off at Nathan’s for some hotdogs, then made our way to the Bellagio to watch the fountain. But after two canceled showings due to the high winds (they run every 15 minutes), we decided to head inside and take a look around. They have this cool garden inside — all real flowers molded into shapes, integrated with giant, plastic trees, butterflies, watering can fountains, and other typical Vegas over-the-top-ness. Completely beat, we made our way back to the Monorail, which, like everything else in this town, appeared deceptively close. On the way back to our rooms, we passed by The Star Trek Experience, a restaurant and casino in the Hilton where we’re staying. I got “the boys” to agree to eat dinner there with me tomorrow. I can always rely on Rick and Craig to be up for adventure!


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