Nerds at the Casino

April 16, 2008 at 11:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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This whole NAB tradeshow has been an interesting experience. It was a bit overwhelming, but it was nice to see the big picture in terms of the industry. I think I heard at least 15 different languages on the showfloor. It was also nice to connect with staff members who I rarely get to see in person anymore, and meet some of the ones I had yet to meet.

Last night, Rick, Craig and I headed to the Quark Bar and Grill for dinner, part of Star Trek: The Experience at the LV Hilton. And an experience it was. The menu cracked us up: basically they took an Applebee’s menu and added a bunch of Star Trek terms to everything. But worth the read, if only to see this:

Joseph Sisko took this traditional Klingon Dish, added a light coating and fried them. Earthlings consider them very close to boneless chicken wings.

Our waitress, dressed in some official-looking uniform, (I’m less a Trekky and more a Star Wars nerd, but I knew better than to announce that in the bar, lol.) suggested we try their signature drink, the Warp Core Breach. Supposedly the mini had five shots of liquor in it, and was meant to serve one, so we got a couple of them. They came out brightly colored and smoking. And ridiculously huge. Took us hours to finish, amid much giggling and picture-taking. Rick and I both ordered the “Hamborger”, which was so delicious, it might make it on my top 10. In fact, I may have to amend my list, and make it the Top 15 Burger list. Mmmmm…burgers.

Now I’m off for the rest of my adventure, which won’t end until Saturday. More later, I promise.



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  1. I am GREEEEN with envy!

  2. […] have to be a geeky fan like me to enjoy this one — and, really, aside from my stop at the Quark Bar, and my having seen every Star Trek movie made (Star Trek 4 being my all-time favorite), I’m […]

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