Trouble in Technology Paradise

April 30, 2008 at 9:14 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So last night James went to bask in the glory of our new entertainment system, but couldn’t get the DVD player to open. D’oh! So much for high-tech gadgetry. Thankfully we decided to buy this at an actual store instead of ordering from the internet. I’m sure we paid more, but I’m relieved to know we can take it back up to Sears and exchange it. In other troublesome news, I took my defective external hard drive up to Microcenter to see if they could negotiate the wonky screws, which were shaped like nothing we’d ever seen, and they were stumped. I think it’s a ploy by Seagate to make sure you don’t try anything funny with their hard drives — that, and they want your money so THEY can unscrew the damn things. James thinks we can get them off with one of those special screw drivers you use to take off stripped screws. We’ll see how that goes. For a couple who can barely hang blinds, this could be an Undertaking.

Work, work, work! I know this freelance gig I’m currently embroiled in is going to pay for our little shopping spree from last weekend, but between my busy days at the job job, and coming home to work until midnight at the other job, this week is sucking donkey balls. I wanna play with the new toy! I’m hoping the madness will end shortly. And thankfully my workload for Urban Times looks light this month, too. Somewhere in here I need to find the time to go back to yoga. Pants. Tight.


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