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**Don’t read if you missed this week’s episode!**

Loved this flash forward! So many answers. Let’s see if I can put the timeline together. At some point, six people choose to leave the island, and presumably the rest choose to stay (including Sawyer). Perhaps Claire never turns up while they’re making their getaway, and Kate makes the choice to take Aaron without waiting for her. I could see Jack being pretty upset about that. Sayid goes back to Iraq with Nadia, but after a year of marriage, she’s gunned down, and he starts working for Ben. Sun goes back to Korea, has the baby, and a momentarily sane Hurley comes to visit. Hurley starts to see Charlie, checks into the mental hospital, and starts having those conversations with Jack. Kate becomes legal guardian of Aaron, goes through her trial, sees Jack, who decides to forgive her for taking Aaron without Claire, and he shacks up with her. But then he starts seeing his dad, or his dad’s ghost, or whatever. And goes a little nuts. And Kate leaves him. This finally explains that cryptic reference Jack makes about his dad being drunk up in his office at the end of season three. I’m also thinking that Michael has to be the one in the coffin — the island wouldn’t let him die while he had work to do, but maybe he’d finally fulfilled his destiny. And maybe Jack knows that the island wouldn’t let Michael die, so he’d be surprised to see his obituary.

Some interesting questions, too. If some people choose to leave and some stay, why would Juliette choose to stay? If Hurley and Jack are seeing ghosts of christmas past, as it were, will Sun, Sayid, and Kate also start seeing similar hallucinations? I’ll be curious to see if Kate starts to see Claire. Or maybe the island chooses certain people for certain destinies — like Hurley communicates messages to Jack. Kate takes care of Aaron. Michael’s on the boat doing…something. Ben wards off enemies. And Locke is the key to Jacob. But that’s a mystery I’ve not yet cracked.


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