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May 12, 2008 at 10:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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James and I went to see Ironman this weekend — and tho it had a bit of a slow start, it totally paid off at the end. My staff and I are going to see it on Friday as a sort of afternoon diversion-from-the-fact-we-don’t-get-raises-this-year. Looking forward to seeing it again.

Just finished reading Neil Pollack’s Alternadad, which I’ve been meaning to read ever since Charissa turned me onto the blog by the same name. And while I doubt James and I will ever be hip parents like the Pollacks, it’s nice to see how other people our age struggle with child-rearing, and what we may have to look forward to. This recent post about Elijah’s love and down-right, tantrum-throwing obsession with Lego Star Wars led me to the video game aisle of Best Buy on Sunday. When James begged for the Playstation 3, I only relented because it came with a Blu-Ray player. I figured he’d do most of the game playing while I watched Planet Earth in ultra-high-def. But Lego Star Wars is fun, fun, fun! I can see now why a six-year-old would throw a fit when his parents only allow him to play one hour a day.


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  1. Hey, hey! Glad you’re still enjoying Alternadad like I am. They should make teenagers read his blog. It’d be the best birth control ever.


    I’m a big Robert Downey Jr. fan and plan on seeing Iron Man in the next day or two too. We’ll have to discuss!

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