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**Don’t read if you missed tonight’s episode!**

Wow. I mean, wow. Best episode this season. Actually, last episode was pretty good, too. This show keeps getting better and better! So last week we learned that Locke was being “courted” by some of the original others, even as early as the day he was born. There’s some talk that his mother, Emily, is also the Emily who gave birth to Ben and died. But I seem to recall Locke talking to his mother, who warned him about his father. Some people think she was part of the scam, but then why would she be warning Locke against his father? That was so long ago, it’s hard to keep straight. It is interesting to think that perhaps Ben and Locke are half brothers, and that they share some sort of genetic gift.

Tonight’s epi had so many surprises, my head was spinning! We see the Oceanic Six being flown to Hawaii, and we see them finally tell the whole story — or, at least the one they concocted. The biggest surprise for me was Kate claiming Aaron was hers. I can’t believe she pulls that off! And Sun tells the press that Jin died in the crash. So that means Jin and Claire aren’t part of the eight who eventually escape — I’m thinking one of them has to be Sawyer. That would explain why Kate was doing a special favor for him in the flash forward a couple of weeks ago. Could the other one be Juliet? I think we’ll find out in the finale. And all of the C-4 on the freighter — does that mean there’s someone else on the boat working for Ben? I don’t think Michael set all of that up. He looked awfully surprised. And Ben is finally taking charge. Did anyone notice he handed that baton thingy to Locke before he went to surrender? I’ll be watching carefully when he gets that back — we know he uses it when he makes it off the island and into that desert.

So presumably, in two weeks, we’re going to find out who the final eight are (or is it final five? I swear the BSG writers must work in the same room as the Lost ones), we’re going to find out how they get off the island, and we’re going to see Locke move the island. Or at least attempt to — that should be fun. And let’s not forget the coffin! I read somewhere that they’re going to reveal that by the end of this season.

I also have to mention that The Office season finale was highly entertaining. Best line was from Oscar, when talking about Ryan getting arrested for fraud, “But the worst crime was the beard.” And that whole bit with the new HR gal thinking Kevin was retarded was hilarious. And I looooved that she did a yoda impression! I think I’m going to like this new character. I knew Jim was going to somehow be foiled in his attempt to propose. But I did not predict Dwight and Angela gettin’ it on at the end. Now that’s a scene no one wants to walk into!


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